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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2012 8:00am-10:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning, i'm john miller. >> we're he is cbs news senter in new york. this is cbs this morning, saturday. battle for the sunshine state. only three days until the crucial florida primary. and it looks like mitt romney may be beating newt gingrich at his own game. >> i've had the fun of having two debates where i had to stand up and battle and battling was fun and battling was won. >> and romney is gaining. >> the latest poll shows mitt romney with a nine-point lead over newt gingrich. >> facebook frenzy we might be getting closer to most talked about ipo in years. it could create 1,000 millionaires overnight.
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care to buy in and own a piece of the popular social media website? >> a call to help. demi moore's friends make a frantic call. >> she smoked marijuana, snag is not marijuana. but it is similar to it. >> take a look at what happened inside that house and what she really inhaled. and corner office crazies. you're not imagining it. there are new indications that your boss might really be off his or her rocker. >> i do this! these pens are more important. you miserable little crybaby. >> all that and all that matters and all cbs this morning saturday, january 28th 2012.
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>> and that is a real guitarist. welcome to cbs this morning saturday. we're also going to get the latest on the stranded dolphins about 100 of them washed up on the shore on cape cod. half of them were dead. it now looks like efforts to save the surviving dolphins may be paying off. >> and a lot of women think that guys can not handle pain and we cannot handle childbirth and we whine if we catch a cold. a new study has surprising results about which sex can really take the agony. >> i think i know the answer. >> we begin with campaign 2012. crucial republican presidential primary in florida is on tuesday. the two leading candidates mitt romney and newt gingrich will campaign across the sunshine state today.
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with polls showing romney surging and gingrich is pulling out all the stops including a new attack ad to catch up. jan crawford is in pensacola. good morning, john. a few days left before the voting. frontrunners are continuing to duke it out. after the two solid debate performance this is week, mitt romney is sounding confident. >> i've had the fun of having two debates where i had to stand up and battle and battling was fun and battling was won. >> reporter: the latest polls also give romney reason to smile. he's pulled back out front with a nine point lead over gingrich. but those numbers can change and fast. so both frontrunners and the pacs that support them are spending millions on ad like this gingrich attack featuring 2008 presidential hopeful mike huckabee. >> if a man is this dishonest to obtain a job, he'll be dishonest to maintain the job. >> reporter: huckabee said his words were taken out of context and used without his permission.
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the candidates and their service also continue to spar over thursday night's presidential debate, especially on the issue of immigration. romney said 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country should return home and get in line behind those waiting to come here legally. gingrich yesterday scoffed. >> the idea that grandmother is not going to be supported. the idea that she's going to self deport this is a fantasy. >> reporter: romney already had a response for that in the debate. >> our problem is not 11 million grandmothers. our problem is 11 million people getting jobs that many legal imkbrantsim immigants would like to v. >> reporter: romney will be spending most of the day in the florida panhandle. you would think that somewhere that newt gingrich would have almost locked up. it shows romney is just going to take it right to the former speaker. nancy? >> jan crawford in pensacola, florida, this morning. thank you.
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for more on campaign 2012 turn to former congressman j.c. watts. he is a newt gingrich supporter and the national co-chair of the gingrich faith leaders coalition. he joins us from jacksonville. good morning congressman. >> hey, nancy. how are you? >> i'm great. thanks. it's been a tough week for your candidate. want to play for you what a few republican leaders are saying about him. first, senate majority leader bob dole who had harsh words for newt gingrich calling him difficult to work with unpopular, and here's what he said when he talked about it. >> do you think he has any chance to be president? >> i hope not. >> and then here's what former republican leader trent lott had to say. >> i think maybe his assessments of his role is a little bit grandiose when you actually remember what was going on when you were there and a part of it. >> does it trouble you to hear these verywell-respected leaders saying things like this
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about newt gingrich? >> well nancy, we are used to them saying good things about the speaker as well. the thing is when we passed a contract with america back in 1995 senator dole and senator lott both were in the senate. well, the senate didn't have that agenda. and so we passed it. i suspect they probably would have wanted to do other things. but the fact is we got results for the american people. and while you know newt surely has made a lot of democrats mad, he's made some republicans mad as well. but at the end of the day, nancy, we got a balanced budget. we got tax relief. we had entitlement reform. and, you know, we paid down our public debt. so i suspect that the american people, they like the speaker's agenda in spite of the fact that some washington folks might not. >> but this is not just some republicans. it appears to be a widespread problem for him, at least on
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capitol hill where you've got 70 members and dorsendorsing mitt romney and 12 newt gingrich and many are from his home state. why aren't people who worked with him coming out in support of him? >> well nancy, you hit the magic words in your question. magic words are on capitol hill. you know you don't win the argument on capitol hill. you win the argument in south carolina, in florida, georgia, oklahoma texas, you know around the country. i think the streak is going to stand on its own. when you look at texas -- i mean when you look at florida, we have hispanic leaders yesterday that went from romney to gingrich. we've got 1.6 million voter guides going out to the faith community that you know we are going -- we're doing well there. so, again, i think the argument has to be made with the american people. it doesn't have to be made with you know former congressman
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j.c. watts or trept lotnt lott or bob dole. newt is doing what he needs to do on the ground. we'll make the argument for the next three or four days and see what happens on tuesday. >> all right. congressman j.c. watts joining us this morning. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> okay. nancy, thank you. >> and we're going to get more on the florida republican primary now with cbs news political director john dickerson who is in miami. good morning, john. >> good morning, nancy. >> so what do you think about congressman watts' arguargument? he said it doesn't matter what people on capitol hill think of newt gingrich. but it does matter if they're going out and saying these things on the airwaves in florida, doesn't it? >> it does matter. in particular, in florida there. ten media markets, it's a state where television plays a bigger role. you can see that mattering. think about where the republican party is right now. there's been a tussle between the establishment figures and
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those outside the establishment. newt gingrich is a creature of washington both long time member of congress and then also somebody who turned into a business afterwards profitting on that experience. and, yet, he's running now as the anti-establishment candidate. it's a neat trick. one of the ways he's able to pull off that trick is the members of the establishment are now attacking him n a way, can you see gingrich using this to tap into that anti-establishment feeling, these things being said by bob dole and trent lott and others. >> so let's see how well he's doing right now. the latest poll shows that with a few days to go before the primary. mitt romney has a 38-29 lead over newt gingrich among republican voters. it looked this week like mitt romney realized he needed to go on the offensive. he wasn't all that comfortable with it at first. is he getting his sea legs here? >> he is. and you're right, nancy. they made a decision coming out of south carolina that they needed to do something fast.
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newt gingrich did quite well in south carolina. and the situation has now been reversed a little bit. going into the vote here mitt romney had two strong performances in the way that newt gingrich had strong debate performances in south carolina. the momentum is now clearly with romney. his folks feel good the way things are working in florida. the state is less conservative than south carolina. it is a more natural constituency for romney. so right now it looks like he's got the momentum going into the vote. >> but gingrich is famous for being able to resurrect himself time and time again. is there something he can do in the next three days to get back on the leader board? >> he has to do something that is going to get hum a lot of news coverage. there are a lot of ads going back and forth on the television. that is not going to change the dynamic too much. he can use another debate. there is not one scheduled. he's had good debate performances before. one of the problems is his debates, these two debate that's have taken place in florida since the south carolina primary, he's been sort of
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lackluster. it's been more romney, as you mentioned, feeling better is feeling a spring in his step. so it's a little tricky for gingrich. he has to do something that gets him covered and makes a strong statement. he's only got a couple days to do it. >> definitely been a roller coaster down there. john dickerson, thank you so much, joining us from miami this morning. >> thanks nancy. >> this morning three days after being rescued from somali pirates by u.s. navy seals, american aid worker jessica buchanan and her danish colleague are at a u.s. base on the italy island of sicily. they're being debriefed by military and intelligence officials who want to learn as much as possible about their captivity. our reporter is in italy. allen, good morning. >> good morning, john. >> we know jessica was ill and that was a factor in speeding you up her rescue. how do we think she's doing now? what do we know about that?
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>> actually john we know absolutely nothing. the family has asked for privacy and the u.s. military says that they respect that and the only statement they'll give is that they are now both hostages former hostages, are now in phase two of a three-stage reintegration process. that's where they have thorough medical checks get whatever treatment they need and a lot of debriefing both from psychiatrists and psychologists as well as intelligence officials. that process is described as being dynamic. it goes on for as long as it takes. it's uchesually a minimum of 72 hours. they stay on the base until both the former hostages and those people that are dealing with them and helping them decide that it's okay to move to stage three which is going home to wherever they choose to go. jessica may go to ohio. she could go back to nairobi where she lives. that's up to them. and their privacy is being
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respected. no statement what's sofr are being -- whatsoever are being issued. >> that's normal. the experts saying that the hostage lost two things predictability while in captivity and control which means you are not making decisions. and they try to give that back in this process. i'm wondering if you have any insight, though, into how traumatic aside from being held the rescue itself was for her. >> again, no statements have been issued. you can assume, i think it would have been traumatic. one minute you're sitting there in darkness with people that are chewing a narcotic drug and carrying guns and don't like you and just want whatever they can get from you. then out of the darkness come pretty scary looking guys i should think but friendly guys. so there's a sudden -- you've gone from sitting on the ground to being whisked away into the arms of friendly people. but it has to be pretty terrifying, i would imagine, john. >> i would imagine. now what do we know about the other hostages and particularly
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one other american who are still being held? >> a spokesman for the pirates, he says he's a spokesman for pirates, says that hostage, the american journalist was moved three times in the 24 hours following the rescue of jessica buchanan and her colleague. the hostage takers say they're going to keep them. they're not going to negotiate. they want money. that's what they got them for an want them for. the probability now is that hostage that's are on land will be moved on to ships. there are a lot of ships being held. 155 sailors are trapped on those ships waiting for ransom. if they move them including the american journalist on to ships, it makes it much much more difficult for they will to be rescued. >> a very dynamic situation. thanks allen. >> and now to the frenzy over facebook's ipo. the most anticipated and more than a decade. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the paperwork
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would could be filed this coming week and it could mean as much as $10 billion for the social networking company. joining us now with the details is jack otter, executive editor of good morning, jack. >> good morning. >> i feel like we've gotten this tease before. it is real this time? >> we don't know for sure. but the word is that they will file their papers on wednesday, so-called s-1 form and which gives us juicy details about how rich everybody is going to get on this and some other papers. i think this is for real. >> why now? >> well, you know a lot of reasons companies raise money. one is they're in a lot of debt and they need to pay that off. another is they need the money to grow. none of those thing ass apply to facebook. it's not like the ceo is hurting. he has engineers and software people that work very hard looking for their pay day. it's going to come this string r spring. >> how rich are they going to get? >> zuckerberg is at the top of the list. he's expected to be the $20 billion man.
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that would make him the 23rd richest person on earth. >> wow. >> cheryl sandberg used to work in the clinton administration, she is the coo. they figure maybe $1 billion. but i think what is cool is more than 1,000 facebook employees will become millionaires. >> how about the rest of us? can regular people get in on this ipo? >> sure. those are good questions. i think people really want to know. first of all, you can only get in now by buying a mutual fund that owns facebook. and that's very diluted. they own a lot of companies. one of them is facebook. really the only way for regular pfolks is when the ipo happens, i do not recommend that it's possible it will skyrocket. but so many people have such high expectations that it's the opposite of ipos where people really have made a lot of money like a google, for instance. in '04 when google went off, there were negative headlines. they said google is going to struggle and so forth. so expectations were low. it went off at $85. people were worried. now it's at $580. it's the opposite with facebook. everybody in the world heard of
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facebook. nobody -- there are no secrets here. there is so much demand. it might be more luke a linkike a linked in. >> thank you so much. >> and now let's go to the news desk with our morning news anchor for the rest of the morning's headlines. >> good morning, nancy. good morning at home. there are more arrests made in britain's on going phone hacking scandal. police in and around london took four people into custody this morning including a police officer on suspicion of corruption. now as part of the investigation into allegations of bribery and phone hacking by employees of the defunct news of the world. police also searched the offices of rupert murdoch's news international when owned the tabloid.& a dozen people have been arrested in the investigation but none has been charged. pentagon officials reportedly had decided that their biggest conventional bomb is not big enough to destroy iran's underground nuclear
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facilities. so they're making it bigger. "the wall street journal" says the modified version of the bunker buster will be able to take out iran's deepest, most heavily fortified sites. in italy, plans to pump fuel from that capsized cruise ship today are on hold due to rough seas. there is more than 2,000 tons of diesel oil that would cause an environmental disaster if it leaks. meanwhile, divers continue searching for 15 people still missing since the january 13th disaster. one body was recovered this morning. so far, 17 bodies have been found. marine biologists are trying to solve a mystery in massachusetts. why have so many dolphins beached themselves along the cape cod coastline? dozens of them have already died. correspondent jim axelrod has the latest. >> reporter: on cape cod, where nearly 100 dolphins stranded themselves along the 25 mile of
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stretch of coastline, scientists are trying to solve a deadly mystery. >> if i asked you right now to tell me why this is happening, what would your answer be? >> i don't know. >> reporter: in a little more than two weeks, as many dolphins have beached here as usually do during the entire year. later today marine biologist misty meanmeyer will examine four dolphins that did not survive. >> one thing it might tell us is if all these animals do look healthy, then we know that they were healthy group of dolphins that was more likely something geographic or weather related, something like that. not a disease or toxins or anything like that. >> reporter: but two dozen of the 98 stranded dolphins were saved saved. fitted with transmitters and then released back into the water. now scientists like brian sharp can follow their progress as they move far from cape cod. >> when we're looking at the blue line the green line and
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the orange line this is good. this is a good picture as far as you're concerned. >> yes, this is what we want to see. >> one, two, three, up. >> reporter: with each day that there is no more stranding, scientists are hopeful that worst is over. jim axelrod, massachusetts. it's about 20 minutes after the hour. we have our first check of the weather. good morning lonnie. no snow outside this time around. >> you know what? very little snow anywhere in the country right now. you talk about no snow in new york city. at this point last year in new york city, we were digging out from a snowstorm that brought two feet of snow. this is what i have for the weather headlines for today. like spring in the mid-atlantic states. hold on to your hat in montana and there is light snow in the ohio valley. this is that light snow that i'm talking about. a little weak cold front. watch this. i see cloud cover throughout the portions of the country. but look at that. all right. that is the only game in town. i'm not talking about a lot of
8:21 am
snow. one to two inches. but it's on my headline board because that's about all there is. a little system comes on shore around the pacific northwest. . >> all right we'll talk about how warm it will be in richmond va va into the 60s. over to you. >> thank you soech lonnie. u.s. forces completed their withdraw with iraq tend of last year year, since that time there are no public celebrations to recognize their effort. >> today in st. louis, all that will change when iraq war veterans march in honor. >> two friends came up with this idea and brought it to the attention of the city's mayor
8:22 am
and brian feldman of our station kmlv in st. louis joins us with more. good morning brian. >> reporter: good morning. it started with an idea. two people from st. louis thought if we can have a parade for the cardinals winning the world series why can't we have a parade to support our troops? that idea led to raising $35,000. that idea led to a meeting of the mayor with st. louis and it also led to nearly 1,000 veterans and family members. coming together today to support this outstanding event. >> knowing just the short time span between vietnam and iraq and how people's mind sets have changed about the iraq war and welcoming the soldiers home i think it's amazing that st. louis is going to open the gates for this to happen. >> reporter: and for the many volunteers and family members, they say more needs to be done to honor our troops. >> i think everybody goes through their day to day lives here and this has been going on
8:23 am
for so long people just -- they're almost numb to this. it doesn't sink in. and it's such a big deal to these people that do this. and i think we should honor them more. >> reporter: the veterans also tell me this is going to be a very, very emotional day for them. it will start at noon st. louis time. they'll go through downtown st. louis and end at union station. guys? >> such a great idea. i hope it catches on in other cities. brian feldman thank you so much. coming up, men and women have strong feelings about who they think can handle pain better. the results of a new study will surprise you. and proof that your boss may just be as crazy as you think. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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oú demi moore's publicist said that she was not that bad after being rushed to the hospital. you'll hear the confused and frantic moments when we come back.
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good morning. i'm gigi barnett. three people are dead and another dead in a crash in davenville road exit. the two cars collided and the victims in both vehicles were trapped. there are significant traffic delays in the area. so, be careful, an investigation is underway. life in prison without parole. it is that sentence for brittany norwood. the judge showed no leniency for norwood. in court, she apologize ood the victim's family. maryland's plan for restoring the bay is move forward. as part of a few federal effort
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to restore the bay. the epa is asking states in the bay with watershed to go on a so-called pollution diet. diet. nice day ahead. 54 degrees and sunny. tonight, mainly clear. tomorrow, 50 degrees. partly sunny. that's our
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welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." >> the frantic and confusing call just before actress demi moore was rushed to the hospital. >> plus women have always thought they can handle pain while men are wimps. well, a new report may surprise you. and you think your boss is a real pain? well, it is not your imagination. why some shrinks think those who rule your work life are going nuts. but now to that frantic 911 call from the home of actress demi moore earlier this week. it took about two minutes from the time the call was made before the dispatcher sent an ambulance. the 911 call reveals the confusion that was going on inside demi moore's house.
8:31 am
>> i need an ambulance here as soon as possible please. >> reporter: the call for help went out late monday night after a gathering at demi moore's beverly hills home. >> okay. tell me what happened there. >> okay. she smoked something. it's not marijuana. but it's similar to it. it is similar to incense. >> reporter: several callers are on the line. >> right now is she awake? >> yeah, well, semiconscious, barely. >> okay, is she breathing? >> is she breathing? >> yes. >> and she overdosed on -- >> she is convulsing. >> another woman grabs the phone. >> is she breathing normally? >> no, not the normal. more sort of shaking. burning up. >> is she able to respond to you? >> demi, can you hear me? >> yes, she is breathing. she can't speak. >> the scene sounds a lot more dire than her publicist had let on. after she had been rushed to the hospital monday night, a statement read she would be seeking professional help for exhaustion and overall health.
8:32 am
>> the 911 tape really indicates that this is a much more serious situation than we were first led to believe. we've been told it is exhaustion. she is suffering from. but you can tell from this tape that there is a very desperate situation here. she's having convulsions and she's almost losing consciousness. it is very tape to listen to. >> some blame her recent split with her husband after allegations of cheating. others say the marriage was in trouble before that. whatever it was that sent her into a downward spiral this week, was a mystery to those at her side that night. >> has she done this before? >> i don't know. there's been some stuff recently that we're just finding out. >> reporter: a private torment that has suddenly become very public. >> for more, we turn to dr. howard samuels, a leading expert on alcohol and drug addiction. he's in los angeles. good morning doctor. >> good morning. >> first of all, from listening
8:33 am
to the 911 tape how much trouble was demi moore in? >>. >> she was definitely in trouble. you could hear the panic in the voices on the telephone. obviously, you know this was a 911 call that was very serious. especially when the paramedics came, they took her to the hospital. because many times paramedics will come and if it's not that serious, they'll leave. but they took her to the hospital which shows you the seriousness of this. >> so what do we think these substances they were describing are? >> well basically, it sounds like a drug called spice. now spice is very much like marijuana. it used to be legal. but now it is illegal. but head shops sell it all across the country. and there is a loophole where they sell it as incense. so, you know you smoke it and this is a drug that creates heart palpatationses panic
8:34 am
attacks, foggy memory. it can really cause some complications physically. now in this situation though you have a 49-year-old woman who is smoking it. this is a drug that a lot of teenagers smoke. but along with the drug there have been reports that she has been losing a lot of weight she could possibly have been on aderol drinking a lot of red bull. if you put that whole thing in a package, you know with her like having the seizure makes all the sense in the world. >> so what does it say about her state of mind that she may have allegedly been using this combination of substances and how addictive is it? if you want to try and clean up your life, how difficult is it to get back to where you were? >> well, you know spice is addictive. but i think the issue here is extremely risky self-destructive behavior. and that is usually caused by somebody who is going through a really difficult emotional time.
8:35 am
if you take a look at demi moore, i mean she just had a public humiliation with her husband publicly cheating on her wt the woman -- the name and picture of the woman in the newspapers. so i mean what a horrific thing for a woman to have to go through. so you know it really makes sense that she would sort of hit a bottom like this emotionally. and the good news -- i got to say, there is good news. is that she's in a treatment centerment center. if she stays in the treatment center and works out her grief and loss issues over the marriage, there is a lot of hope here for her. >> well, we've seen these -- we have relapses over and over again, particularly with celebrities. what are the numbers there? what is her outlook? >> well, you know, you have to understand something. you know rehabs it's very common for everybody that goes to rehab to relapse. unfortunately, that is a part of the recovery process. the only problem you is may not make it through the relapse
8:36 am
alive. so it's not just celebrities. it's normal people that go to rehabs. i mean, you know addiction is a very difficult thing to overcome. i mean myself i'm 27 years clean and sober, i spent three years of my life locked up in treatment centers before i finally had a psychic shift and turned any life around. >> hopefully she has a great support network around here. dr. howard samuels, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. and now here is another check of the weather. good morning. >> john and nancy, good morning. good morning everybody. i want to get right to my weather headlines. it is a quiet winter day. keep in mind it's the dead of winter right now. really not much snow falling anywhere in the country. but on this date look at this. the biggest snowflake in history. this is a guinness book of world records. it fell in miles city montana. it measured 15 inches in diameter. guys a piece of paper. a 15 inch snowflake. that is a dinner plate coming
8:37 am
out of the sky. listen, it is in the guinness book of world records. so that makes it official. if you take a look at the radar picture serving up, snow around the ohio valley. that is a very weak cold front. so we'll call for a little bit of snow. maybe one to two inches at best. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a look at the local news in your local area. all right everybody, wherever you are, make it a good looking day. john, over to you. >> thanks, lonnie. up next the battle over pain. who can handle it better men or women? the results of a surprising new study. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday."
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♪ hurt so good come on baby ♪ ♪ make it hurt so good ♪ >> in this morning's "health watch," who did really handle pain better men or women? a surprising new study seems to contradict the stereotype that men are wimps. >> it found that women say they feel pain more intensely than men. medical contributor dr. holly phillips is here with the details. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. you know what? i have to say in all fairness to the study, it was a big one. it was out of stanford university. they looked at 11,000 patients records from clinics and hospitals. and they have patients with a wide variety of illnesses. it was sign us and surgical and back pain. they ranked the pain on a scale of one to ten. consistently, women ranked their
8:42 am
pain one point higher than men for the same illness. >> couldn't this just be that women are more comfortable expressing themselves to doctors and men tend to keep it inside. >> absolutely. that is one limitationst study. it couldn't say exactly who was feeling what. just what they were reporting. so it could very easily be that perhaps even women are overstating their pain to make sure that the medical establishment takes them seriously. you know really to make sure that they are heard and that they are treated. or maybe they're just more comfortable saying i have pain and men are trying to be a little more macho about it. >> or maybe men are just tougher. the fact we have to consider. the test was done by the numbers. and it was a large sample. so we can't say well we need more. >> john, that's fair. again, it was patient reporting of their experience of pain. rather than an actual pain itself. there are ways to measure pain. we look at stress hormones adrenaline, there are also mri
8:43 am
changes. this study didn't really look at that. >> i like your explanation. it's not my experience in practice, is it yours in your medical practice? >> i have to say when it comes to small things that are a little uncomfortable in the office like whether it's blood draws or flu shots, men are a little wimpier about it. i will say that. that's not a huge, huge study. women just don't like it. >> i didn't know there was this whole cottage industry on pain. this was published in the journal of pain. i didn't get my journal of pain this morning. i mean this is a big deal in terms of business drug companies, the industry. >> it very much is. and it's important to point out, i think we're reticent to the medical community to embrace this study. other studies have shown that women are less likely to be treated for their pain than men.
8:44 am
we don't want to say oh, women are just complaining, they experience more pain than men. it's something we really need to take seriously. it's a big study and worth looking at. >> all right. >> dr. holly phillips thank you so much for being with us this morning. appreciate it. for more about tolerating pain go to our partner in health and search pain. up next, beware the corner office. why more and more bosses are absolutely nuts. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change for just a little money? let's start with a paint we know can do the job. new glidden duo paint plus primer. ♪ ♪ one coat does double
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8:48 am
tough economy has bad boss behavior skyrocketing. >> i work for the anti-christ. >> the bosses were horrible. >> i can crush you any time i want. >> driving their employees insane. it's not so funny or farfetched according to a new number of psychologist who's say the person in the corner office could actually be psychotic. we've seen the crazy boss over and over again on the big screen like the icy magazine publisher in "the devil wears prada." >> this means more to the office than you. >> and the cutthroat movie executives in "swimming with sharks." >> you have to be a man to do this job. >> in the book "snakes in suits" when psychopath goes to work. psychologists found 4% of bosses in their sample of seven companies were psychopathic. that's four times the average in the general population.
8:49 am
>> there are probably hundreds of thousands of heads of companies that are psychopaths. >> psychologist dr. debra mendel specializes in workplace issues. >> they may back stab you. they may undermine your work. they may throw you under the bus. they're certainly not going to have your back. >> according to a recent article, the corporate psychopath's theory of the global financial crisis a british academic suggests the blinding self interest to make money outweighed any consideration of fairness or corporate or social responsibility which led to the 2008 collapsest of the entire financial system. >> i can tell you from my own experience working on wall street, there are a lot of people who certainly evidence psychopathic behavior. >> former wall street executive willian cohen has written several books about the financial collapse. >> this is sort of the missing link of this. you know there is now a clinical psychological reason for why this actually may have happened. the inmates were running the
8:50 am
asylum. >> do you know what he said about women? >> who's that? >> a serial killer. >> it may not be hollywood's version of a wall street psychopath but a scary thought nonetheless. >> joining us is bob rosner. he runs the website workplace911 and the author of "the boss's survival guide." good morning. why is this happening? >> let me give you numbers. a study was done and found that 70% of the employees were disengaged. that means when you look at an office, 70% of workers are checking out and 30% are working. bosses are to blame for that. one of the jobs is to discipline employees. i never thought about the root source of the word discipline? it's to create a disciple. one of the problems is a lot of
8:51 am
bosses think they're prisonwardens not trying to create disciples. so we have huge problems. give bosses props for a second. it's tough to be a boss. when i speak to executives i describe it like the commodore hotel. you remember going to the middle east. during the lebanon civil war, the commodore was the place journalists would stay. when you check in they ask shelling side or sniper side. that's what it's like to be a boss. >> whether you hear that 4% of bosses are exactly is a psychopath? >> a psychopath is basically a bully. 50% of us have either been bullied or seen bullying in the workplace. 72% of the bullies are bosses. >> so what's your worst boss story? you've been collecting them, right? >> when i speak to executives i always ask for worst boss stories. this guy stood up in los angeles. he said carl was my worst boss. carl asked his assistant to type her own termination letter. that's cold.
8:52 am
>> but the problem is that a lot of people in this economy can't really move to another job if they don't like their boss. so what do you suggest people do if they've got a boss who off the rails? >> one of the things can you do there's different types of bosses. for example, there was a boss -- i got an e-mail from a woman who was in jail because the boss asked her to do something illegal. she followed orders. and he covered his tracks. she ended up in jail. so there are evil bosses. but most of us have to deal with bosses who are incompetent. so one of the things i like to do if my boss is incompetent, every chance you get, join the united way committee. nobody wants to do the united way committee. do it because can you get exposure to other bosses within a company. figure out ways to separate yourself from your boss and create your own credibility. >> this was fascinating. i need to talk to you about my boss later. but we're out of time. thanks for coming. thanks, bob rosner. >> thank you. >> up next a dentist who found a unique way to perform root canal. that and other stories behind the headlines. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." but sometimes i wonder... what's left
8:53 am
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8:56 am
now it's time for a look behind the headlines and a few stories you may have mised this week. a former massachusetts dentist pleade guilty to using paper clips when he performed root canal work. even charged medicaid for the cost of the stainless steel posts he was supposed to use. michael clair also pleaded guilty to illegally prescribing prescription drugs. sentencing is monday. he could get up to ten years in prison if he is convicted. england's clock tower is tulting and slipping into the river. surveyors discovered it is leaning about 18 inches. it could cost about $2 billion to fix it or they could just wait it out. a construction expert says it will take about 10,000 years before it becomes in danger. and big changes at disney world florida. starting february 2nd guys will be allowed to wear a beard or goatee.
8:57 am
good morning. i'm gigi barnett. three people are dead and another dead in a crash in davenville road exit. the two cars collided and the victims in both vehicles were trapped. there are significant traffic delays in the area. so, be careful, an investigation is underway. life in prison without parole. it is that sentence for brittany norwood. the judge showed no leniency for norwood. in court, she apologize ood the victim's family. maryland's plan for restoring the bay is move forward. as part of a few federal effort to restore the bay.
8:58 am
the epa is asking states in the bay with watershed to go on a so-called pollution diet. diet. nice day ahead. 54 degrees and sunny. tonight, mainly clear. tomorrow, 50 degrees. partly sunny. that's our report. i'm gigi barnett. have a great day. i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying my cable company should take care of me. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best. move up to verizon fios tv internet and phone for our best price online -- just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. first time we saw tv on fios was amazing!
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9:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." >> look out slash and eddie van hail en, a new guitar hero is on the rise and she's only 8 years old. coming up you'll meet zoe thompson who has become an internet sensation playing classics like "sweet child of mine" and metallica's "sandman." >> i like that. and he had a fairytale life. but what was john f. kennedy jr. really like? we'll talk to one of the people who knew the so-called prince of camelot best. but first, campaign 2012. mitt romney and newt gingrich are looking for votes in florida today, hoping to reel in undecided republicans ahead of tuesday's key primary. gingrich appeared to have the
9:01 am
edge after his victory in south carolina. the polls now show romney pulling ahead. let's get the latest on the hard fought campaign from jan crawford in pensacola this morning. jan, good morning to you. and newt gingrich has come from behind a few times before. can he do it again now? >> reporter: well nancy, as you know, we look back to even at the end of the summer how many people were saying that newt gingrich's campaign was dead? that's what all the experts were saying. of course, new hampshire and then iowa. he finished at or near the bottom. so would would have thought he had that dominant win in south carolina? and even though the polls do show romney pulling out a little bit ahead, the polls can dhafrpgchange. it would be a huge mistake to say that romney's got this race notice bag. although, we have seen romney sounding more confident, more aggressive, more forceful this week. he's been taking on newt gingrich particularly in the two debates. i think it's really interesting even today we're hear in pensacola at the fish house. that is a legendary restaurant f you're a politician you have to stop here. this is very conservative
9:02 am
country. you would think romney may not think this is fertile ground for him. but he's really taking it too gingrich. he is bringing out the big guns. he has actor jon voight senator john mccain is here, virginia governor is here. he's really going to make an all out push for every vote he can get. >> such an important primary. now just three day as way. we know you'll be on it. thank you so much. >> and now, for more on the morning's headlines, let's head over to the cbs correspondent and morning news anchor. >> good morning you to both. good morning you to at home. defense secretary lee on panetta says he believes pakistani authorities must have known osama bin laden was in the country for years before he was killed in the raid by u.s. navy seals. in an interview for ""60 minutes,"" he criticized pakistan for arresting a doctor who helped them locate osama bin laden and charging him with treason. >> pakistan and the united states have a common cause here against terrorism.
9:03 am
they have a common cause against al qaeda. have a common cause against those who would attack knoll not only our country but their country. and for them to take this kind of action against somebody who was helping to go after terrorism, i just think is a real mistake on their part. >> and you can see the entire interview with secretary panetta sunday evening right here on "60 minutes." a 17th body has been recovered this morning from that capsized cruise ship off italy. 15 people are still missing. meanwhile, rough seas suspended plans to pump fuel off the ship in itly to day. there is more than two t tons o off diesel o on n ththe e to cause an environmental disaster. in other news democrats and republicans remain fiercely divided in washington. but there is a friendly bipartisan meeting yesterday at the white house. president obama welcomed former president george h.w. bush and
9:04 am
his son, former florida governor jeb bush, for a personal visit. the bushes are in washington to attend a dinner where mr. obama will be speaking. arizona's governor scheduled a special election this spring to replace congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords resigned this week to focus on her recovery. she was shot in the head last year in an attempted assassination. six people were killed in that attack. a primary election to replace giffords will be held in april. a general election is scheduled for june. former penn state coach jerry sandusky is seeking per noigs visit with his grandchildren. the form area siftant football coach at penn state is accused of sexually molesting ten boys and is under house arrest. his bail arrangement bars him from having contact with anyone under the age of 18. he is asking a judge to allow his grandkids to visit him accompanied by their parents. well, fwz five minutes past the hour. time now for another check of the weather. for that, who do we go to but of
9:05 am
course lonnie quinn. man of the hour. >> good morning you to, betty. good morning, everybody. here are my weather headlines for you. it is mild today in the mid-atlantic. a little snow falls in the ohio valley. a little snow. maybe one or two inches. i tell you east of the mississippi, it feels like a snow drought. want to talk specifically about new york city. this is just one example. so far all right, this season new york city has picked up 7.2 inches. it feels like a snow drought. when you compare it to last year last year at this point in time, no new york city picks up 56.1 inches. we had that much more snow last year than this year. is it a snow drought? look at the average. the average for this time of the year is 11 inches. so we're about four inches behind schedule. in terms of the big picture, satellite and radar picture, specifically radar showing that little bit of snow pushing through the ohio valley not going to be a big storm. i have a little system pushing on shore around the pacific northwest. otherwise, just calling it clean and green.
9:06 am
i'll tell you what, wherever you are today make it a great day. nancy, over you to. >> thanks lonnie. grab the good whack mole yes. next sunday is the super bowl and not only is it the biggest football game of the season, it is the biggest day for television commercials p companies are paying $3.5 million for a 30-second ad n 1967 it cost only $42,000. here's a look at some of the most popular super bowl commercials over the last 40 years.
9:07 am
♪ >> 500 sets you asked for, father. >> it's a miracle. ♪ smiling with me coca-cola has life ♪ >> thafrgnks, mean joe. >> bud -- >> wise -- >> er. >> bud -- >> wise -- >> er. aahhh. >> come on! mike what is your deal man? >> come on, man, you've been riding me all day. ♪ >> here now with a sneak peek at some of next week's big super
9:08 am
bowl ads is barbara lippert. good morning, barbara. >> good morning. >> $3.5 million for 30 seconds? >> and up to $4 million maybe. >> is that a record? >> it is a record. every year it goes up. but people are getting so much more exposure now because it's all over the internet early. they're teasing it early. there is so much social media and talk about it that there are bigger audiences than ever for it. you think, you know television is lying, but the live marquee events have more people watching than ever. it's the only place can you get half of america to watch your commercial and they're watching for the ads. >> and it's a really interesting strategy that ad companies are now leaking them on the web ahead of time or sometimes ads for the ads. like a trailer. take a look at one sweeping the internet right now. >> how can i handle work on a day like today?
9:09 am
♪ >> totally brilliant. people love it. the day of the super bowl everyone feels like they're in high school and you want to play hooky. everyone wants to see what matthew broderick is doing 25 years later. there is talk it is for honda. that would make sense, too. >> i must be the target audience for that. i love it although i don't know if anybody under 30 will get it. >> oh, no. they really watch it. everybody is thrilled about it. we're into '80s nostalgia now. i think people under 30 know it. >> obviously it is a reference to a show in the '80s. talk about this year's ads. i mean every year of course we've got a lot of sex, a lot of women practically naked and a lot of monkeys. is that what we're going to see again this year? >> well, yeah. people have learned to watch for funny animals. so we're going to get our, you know, the sex chimps every year more men take more shots to the groin than you can believe. this is go daddy. and they've made you know a genius business out of, like
9:10 am
cheesy sex, corny, corny. i never like it. but they're back every year. danica is great. she's made a career. this is career builders at the gym. and they claim that they want to do something else. but they to bring them back because they're so popular. people are really disappointed if they don't get to see the chimps. >> right. let's take a look at another ad. every year chevrolet has a contest. a lot of companies do this. they run a contest for who comes up with the best ads. so let's take a look at chevrolet's entry this time around. >> blind foal mom, really? >> happy graduation sweetie. >> aaahhh! >> i can't believe it. >> should we tell him? >> let him tire out first. >> i'm getting married! >> oh, my god. >> best gift ever! best gift ever!
9:11 am
>> yeah, a 26-year-old kid from long island did this. it shows a kid who would really appreciate a camaro for a graduation gift which is more realistic. and then there is something really funny about it. let's see. >> all right. let's take a look at one more ad. i love this one as a "twilight" fan, this is great. >> can't get enough. ♪ take me up in your arms ♪ ♪ too late to beg you i know it must be killing time ♪ >> there he is. >> hardees arrived. ♪ face up against the wall ♪ aahhh!
9:12 am
[ owl hooting ] ♪ face up against the wall ♪ >> the popularity of vampires right now. >> that will really get the kids. the thing, is in the old days people say you really need the element of surprise. you can't release it early. last year the force was released early. it got 49 million hits on youtube. people now know to watch for the commercials they want to see. otherwise, they're drunk on good whack mole yes and guacamole. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. and up next the real al capone. his grandniece talks about what it was like growing up with the man once known as public enemy number one. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security
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so there's a brand-new room right where the old one used to be. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. new glidden duo paint plus primer only at the home depot and starting at only $24.97 a gallon. ozzy... what about that court date? >> i'm going to tell you
9:16 am
something. somebody messes with me i'm going to mess with him. >> that was incredible. robert robert de niro playing al capone in "untouchables." capone was chicago's biggest crime boss and public enemy number one. now 65 years after his death, his grandniece has written a book titled "uncle al capone." now that's not something everyone can say. actually, you're the only one. >> correct. and the last person that was born with the name capone that was part of the al capone family. >> when you think of al capone as public enemy number one, i think your dad was listed by the chicago crime commission as public enemy number three. but you're a 7-year-old girl. >> correct. >> growing up in this world. men with guns, you know show up at the house. >> correct. >> and post a front and the back when uncle al comes to visit. what was that like as a kid? >> it was normal for me.
9:17 am
and i kind of knew that something was a little different than the children that i went to school with. but it was normal. there was never a moment that i was ever afraid. you know, feared for anything. it was after i left the capone house that i became fearful. and afraid of who i was because there were a lot of people out there that would love to kill the last capone. >> all right. now the image you paint of al capone -- great book by the way. the image you paint is really a stretch for me. he's playing on the floor with you with your toys. he teaches you to play cards, how to play the mandolin. he is laughing while making spaghetti sauce. he seems like a great family guy. and not that family. i mean regular family. >> and he was. but one day he was, you know out in the kitchen singing making spaghetti sauce and his sister came to him and said that there were some people at the front door that wanted to see him. and so he looked and he went and
9:18 am
got a cigar and his suit coat. i followed him into the parlor. these two men came in and i saw my uncle change expressions. and he sat there and he got this glare if his face and stiff and rigid and started grunting. i thought that's the al capone i never saw before. >> there is a quote in the beginning of the book saying i had to do some things i didn't want to do. you know, you think of imagery at the same time like the st. valentine's day massacrement he said i'm not as black as they paint me to be. did history get him wrong? he was a gangster and a killer. >> he was. >> and a vee lent man. >> i equate that part of american history to the wild west. in the wild west if you wrestled somebody's cattle or stole someone's woman, there was retribution to be paid. the cowboys with line up and walk toward each other, whoever fired first fell to the ground. and that's the way it was. my grandfather swore to me on my father's grave no innocent person was ever hurt.
9:19 am
no woman was ever made to do anything she didn't choose to do. and no child's life was ever in danger. and i believe that. but, yes, they went into the business knowing full well that they needed to do their job. >> so just briefly, this cost you. you didn't get invited to birthday parties at school. you lost a job. do you regret -- >> and i lost a father, too. >> who committed suicide. do you regret being a capone? >> for a long time yes, i did, john. >> interesting perspective on history. great book. thanks. >> thank you very much for having me here. >> good to you have. up next a pint sized gi dar prodigy. the little girl who can rock eddie van hail en. [ bell dings ] when it comes to home insurance, surprises can be a little scary. and a little costly. that's why the best agents present their clients with a lot of options. because when it comes to what's covered and what's not, nobody likes surprises.
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a v8. [ female announcer ] lactaid milk is easy to digest. it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk.
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[ female announcer ] no matter how busy your morning... you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. the fiber that's taste-free and grit-free... so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. there's a little girl in england whose gift on the guitar is causing quite a sensation. 8-year-old zoe thompson became an internet sensation because she can really play. correspondent charlie dagada takes a look at the child prodigy who is rocking the
9:23 am
house. >> reporter: the internet is full of cute kids playing instruments. but none that rock out on the guitar quite like this. ♪ that's 8-year-old zoe thompson wielding that ax for the mini band. her ability to master notoriously difficult rifts, moving the little fingers up and down the fret with extraordinary speed has impressed music fans worldwide. she was first catapulted to fame with her take of metallica's "enter the sandman." the band's performance even got the attention of the heavy metal rocker themselves. >> you guys rock. >> yeah. >> you're very cool. maybe one day we can work something out and come out and open up for y'all. >> reporter: so step aside slash and hit the road eddie vanhalen. there is a new guitar slinger in town and her name is zoe thompson. for cbs this morning saturday i'm charlie dagina in london.
9:24 am
>> and joining us from england is zoey yiand her mother. how are you? >> good. >> we're good thank you. >> zoe, this is so exciting. how old were when you you first started to play the guitar? >> i was about 5 years old and i started to get lessons when i was 6. >> wow. did you ask your mom for lessons? or was this something that your parents introduced to you? >> i asked my mom to start to give me lessons. >> so how did the band get formed? it is called the mini band. i'm sure you don't all go to school together. did you meet at a music camp? >> we met at school. and then we got together in a band. >> and you guys love metallica. and they love you back obviously. what do you really like about
9:25 am
their music? >> it's just my favorite. >> when did you first realize you had a prodigy on your hands here? >> whether she started lessons, she just picked things up really quickly. and she just enjoys playing rock music so much. she progressed really really fast. and i think over the last year you know she's played some really quite difficult pieces of music. and recently it's been recognized by famous people. but, you know, it's unusual for someone of her age to play at the standard she is. >> it's also unusual for a gir, i girl, i think. a lot of people are used to men ruling the rock world.
9:26 am
zoe, what do you want to do next? do you want to play in a band? do you want to make this your career? >> yeah, i really want to be a rock star and play in really big stadiums. >> you have a lot of fans already. you got how many millions of hits on youtube so far? and this is just a video that somebody made at one of your performances, right? that's what got it all started? >> yeah. >> well, we're going to ask you if you don't mind, we're going to go to a break. if you wouldn't mind, play us off the air. we would really appreciate it. congratulations again. you're really a phenom. ♪
9:27 am
9:28 am
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9:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning saturday." >> coming up remembering john kennedy jr. from someone who knew him best his personal assistant tells us what john john is really like. >> and drum roll please. our friends from better home and gardens are here to announce this year's best new products. >> plus, we reeled in a live one on the dish. our chef will tell us about his love of fly fishing and share his ultimate dish roasted whole stuffed black sea bass. yum. >> all coming up. but first, over to lonnie for our final check of the weather. lonnie? >> all right. good morning you to.
9:31 am
good morning, everybody. here are my weather headlines. light snow for the ohio valley. not a whole lot. it's going to feel like spring in the mid-atlantic. you have to hold on to your hats in montana. the winds are whipping. some wind gusts for you, up to 7 75 miles per hour. use all that wind for national kazoo day. john, i told you, this is true. national kazoo day is today. january 28th 2012. just want to say a little hello to today's zip date city. and that is a city whose zip code matches the date. january 28th 2012. hello to you with a partly sunny sky. temperatures in the 40s. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look for the weather for your weekend.
9:32 am
. all right. time for my shoutout. we're shouting out this morning to los angeles. a little town called los angeles and the annual golden dragon parade. thousands of line the streets to celebrate the lunar new year. in addition to floats and bands, there will be lots of firecrackers and lots of dragons, too. we want to thank everybody for watching "cbs this morning saturday" on cbs. and now here is john and nancy with our morning coffee. >> 18 years ago john f. kennedy jr. hired an assistant and she became his publicist and one of his closest confidantes right up until his death. >> now she's telling their story in a new book "fairytale interrupted," a memoir of life love and loss. rosemary is with us this morning. thank you for being with us.
9:33 am
>> thanks for having me. >> so what motivated you to write about your relationship after all this time? >> well i think a few things. one was that i would tell stories about how -- the first thing people would ask me when they found out that i had worked for him is how did you get that job? and when i told the story, they would -- such a great story. such a great story. so there was that. and then i was interviewed in 2009 about john's charity. it was the 20-year anniversary. and people started asking me again about what was it like to work there. what was george like? you know where are you from? how did you meet him? people started approaching me again about a book. and i felt like enough time had passed that i could write my fairytale interrupted and not theirs. >> and if this is a fairytale interrupted, i think the fairytale is cinderella. >> sort of. >> it reminds me of a story of a girl from the bronx who finds herself from a blue collar family finds herself next to the world's most glamorous
9:34 am
figure arguably. >> yes. well, i takes you through sort of a bit of my childhood and then the job and then obviously, what happens and what i do after. how do you come back from that? who do you work for after j.f.k. jr.? there aren't many people in the world that are as famous as he was. >> tell us how did you come to work for him and how your relationship sort of evolved to the point where he was really taking you into his inner circle and his wife. >> yeah. they took me under their wing. they were very good to me. i started -- i was working at a small boutique pr firm here in new york. my boss was michael berman. john started coming into the office. we couldn't figure out why. michael was tight lipped about it. so one morning i came in on a monday morning. and my office, which i loved, which was big and great and had a window my office was being packed up. it was him.
9:35 am
and i said excuse me. what are you doing? why you are touching my stuff? and he looked at me like flabbergasted. he was like oh, hi. >> and the magazine was moving into your space. >> i didn't know that at the time. and i turned to look and i look at this box on the ground and there is my howard stern head shot ripped when he took it off my billboard. he ripped it. >> and you knew who he was? >> yeah. i grew up in a republican family. and he wasn't a political -- he was a political type. he was a handsome man. but he wasn't really in my forefront. i was more like the girl you know, in my 20s. i wanted the rock 'n' roll guy. >> but what was the thing about your relationship with him, your professional relationship which he seemed to appreciate the idea that you had very little hesitation. in fact, leaning to give him -- that's not a tv word goth. >> yeah. i mean i told it like it was. i always did. and i always -- and i do now. so i think he loved that because
9:36 am
i didn't have the same idea of his fame that other people had. he was just there. and i saw no reason not to tell him exactly how i felt. >> and you actually saw their marriage up close. i think that the impression that people have was that they were fighting a lot towards the end and there was all this tension. but you deposit really see it that way. >> no. i mean they were just like every other couple. ups and downs. but theirs is played out in public. i mean if you saw my parents, some of my parents fights they were worse than theirs. >> where would he be now, 18 years later? would he be president kennedy, senator kennedy? >> you know i could never predict. i know he talked about it. and it was something that you know, he thought about. but he would never move to the next thing until george was a success. >> you think he would still be working with him today? >> oh, i hope so. i hope so. >> rosemary terenzio thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. for more on the life of jfk jr.,
9:37 am
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we're here to announce the best new products. each is chosen by consumers who use them in their day to day lives. joining us now are seven big winners including the best overall product is ellen miller better homes and garden beauty and fashion editor. good morning. zbh good morning. >> it's a big deal. so essentially i like to think of the best new products awards like the people's choice awards for consumer products. we work with a leading independent market research firm. they surveyed 66,000 consumers about products. and we brought a few of the winners today. there are 67 total. >> let's start with the food and beverage category. >> for best food and beverage product we have the sargento
9:41 am
cheddar mozzarella sticks. they're really yummy. they're individually wrapped. you can chuck them in your purse and great for a snack later. >> cheese has been around for a long time. >> it's the blend of the two cheeses. >> then you have coffee. >> absolutely. that one is very affordable. so for coffee, we have the starbucks flavored instant coffee. you never know when you're going to need a cup of joe on the go right? starbucks has come up with this amazing product. all you have to do is dump it into this, you know the cup. and then you're going to demo how to make it. pour in the hot water. >> so you're in a rush. >> exactly. what makes this amazing are the new flavors. so there is vanilla, mocha and caramel. >> got it. >> let's talk about beauty products. >> all right. beauty products. we love to talk about beauty products, right? this product actually won for baby care and best overall health and beauty product. it is the johnson's natural three in one shampoo, body wash
9:42 am
and conditioner. >> and this smells really, good right? >> absolutely. >> it smells really fresh. it is 98% naturally derived. and bath time is so tricky with kids right? so it makes that -- it's a multitasker all if one. $5. real yea fordable. >> night cream. >> night cream. all right. so your search for the most amazing night cream is over. >> all right? >> thank god. so this is the owe lay night research elixir. so you put it on right before you go to sleep. it contains exfoliating ingredients that make you wake up looking less lined. >> okay. i'm all for. that. >> $30. real yea fordable. best night cream. >> and for men. >> all right. can't leave out the guys. this is the gillette fusion pro series irritation defense soothing moisturizer. it is best men's skin care product. it does just what it says. it's going to really reduce that irritation when you're shaving, especially in the winter months when your skin can be so dry. $7. >> i like the smell of that.
9:43 am
okay. now tell me about this. i thought this was very interesting these packets. >> yes. so this is the best overall all purpose cleaner. it's the win dechl mini refill pouch. it is the mini concentrated refill pouch. >> so when you run out of the win dechl, you just buy the little pouch and put it in water instead of buying a whole new -- >> exactly. you got it. so simple. consumers loved it because it has less packaging which is better for the environment. >> got it. and our best overall product of the year drum roll please. >> this is the mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. >> how does this work? >> with febreeze. all you have to do is wet it just like so. and then you're going to scrub here. usually doing this in my sweats not in heels. >> although, i have to say if your bathroom looks like this you've got a problem. >> exactly. it has a 30% larger surface area. plus the power of febreeze and plus so durable. that's why consumers loved it. best overall product.
9:44 am
again, really affordable $4. >> okay. we love it. thank you so much for running all over -- through all this in a short time. emily miller with better homes and gardens, thank you so much. for more on these and other winning products head to our website. up next from the ocean to your plate, avid fly fishermen and award winning chef will dish about his amazing catch of the day. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." looks like there's an opening for shipping coordinator. and i've got to pick someone. tough decision. [ thinking ] okay, you can be a rising star, or... but you just ordered a crispy mcchicken and a fresh-brewed sweet tea for only a buck each off mcdonald's dollar menu, so you're smart, right? nah, i got nothing. smart man. two 7s. oh, oh, ho! oh,
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lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. we have quite a catch on dish this morning. and chef kerry hefernan reeled it in. he is known for his american fare at south gate here.
9:48 am
>> he is also a fly fisherman and he brought roasted whole sea bass stuffed with crab. good morning. that's a lot of goodness. >> thank you. >> why is this your ultimate dish? >> well it's just -- to have a whole roast fish you can stuff with crab meat slice it, have no bones whatsoever it's a little bit of work but a great celebration, something very very special. >> is this something that people could ever make at home? >> sure. >> people are afraid of whole fish. >> yeah. it's a little challenging. make sure it's at room temperature before you roast it. and the other thing is let it rest. you know, pull it out a little bit before you think it is done and let it rest ten minutes. its going to cook through. see how beautiful and perfect it is? >> it smells incredible and tastes great. tell us about the side dishes. >> so we have mustard greens with shall lots. we have a lit bit of rutabega and a clam chowder and a maple flan. all that is from the east end of long island. all in season right now. >> and you have a near personal
9:49 am
relationship with everything on this table. xcept the fish. >> you didn't meet him in life. but everything else you dug up. >> exactly, the clams i harvested outside our home. the oysters, we actually grow under our dock as part of the spat program. >> you're kidding. >> to help repopulate oysters. it's a great thing. >> you grow your own oisters? >> yeah. >> and then you just go under the dock and -- >> pull them up. whenever you want. there is a dozen for you. >> and what are we drinking? >> we have great east end of long island wines. this is a chardonnay on the north fork. very elegant. also sustainable. also a great great winery on the east end. >> okay. so when you think of other chefs, there is always some magic moment where like the food bug bit them. how did you become a great chef? what was the moment? >> well there were several
9:50 am
moments. i got a job at this place where i grew up in connecticut called old mcdonald's farm. it's a funny little place, believe it or not. >> that's right. amusement park but there was this great, great restaurant. we used to grind a chufk beef every day for hamburgers. we had whole roast turkeys and pork loins. i didn't realize at the time this was sort of seeding. i was very lucky. my parents were very into food. growing up on coast, i had great influences. >> so you're from pennsylvania. you grow up in connecticut. but then you're off to france and you're exploring these tastes and living out of a tent. kind of like a crazy renaissance man when you're not digging up clams. >> yeah. those were the days. i was able to tour around france on my bike get a job in the south, work in a bakery live in a tent. wake up on the beach. it wasn't bad. >> i skipped aled to dessert. this is crazy. what is this? it's amazing. >> it's as simple as a maple flan. at south gate we do a lot of
9:51 am
savorycustards. this is very friendly lots of flavors can you put into flan. >> what is the white stuff on top? >> a little bit of cream fresh. >> we always ask our chefs if you could share your perfect meal with someone who would it be? >> other than us. >> yeah. >> great company excluded. it would be my family. my parents were both great cooks and inspirations. my wife and my sons help me go out and dig the clams and tend to the oysters. sharing it with them would be the ultimate moment. >> we have a tradition here which is to sign the dish to the dish. okay. >> here we go. >> bold. nice signature. >> can you read the initials. >> tell us a little bit about the restaurant where you are now, south gate. >> it's in the essex house.
9:52 am
we've been open for four years. it's a lovely view of central park. and a lot of what we serve is obviously highly seasonal and as much as possible, we like to use the local farmer's market. even this time of year like i said, we can dig the clams. we have the mustard greens all in season right now. >> it is in season now. can you cook that just the same way you would cook potatoes? >> it is surprisingly friendly. you make it like a puree like mashed potatoes. people will love it. >> we do. wow. thank you, kerry from south gate. we really appreciate it. >> this was great. i hope we're allowed to finish. >> please do. i want you to finish. enjoy. >> to get the recipe for chef kerry's ultimate dish go, to our website. and now don't go away. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday."
9:53 am
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we're back. erica hill has a look at what's coming up monday on "cbs this morning." >> good morning. we'll talk with bob sheefer in florida and ed burns will be here with us in studio 57. >> thanks eric yachlt next week on cbs this morning saturday some people may be talking about a heated rivalry when the giants take on the patriots in super bowl xlvi. but right here we vlt cutehave the cutest rivalry when we bring you the puppy bowl. >> i can't wait. >> so cute. >> and i can not get over this swan. flan. >> it's so amazing. >> did you bring over stuff for betty? >> i almost brought the entire tray here. i think it would cover the
9:57 am
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